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Sacrifice UFO 110 Hollowtech Wheel

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Sacrifice UFO 110 Hollowtech Wheel

New ultra light hollowtech wheel from Sacrifice Scooters.

Wheels are sold individually.
Comes complete with Sacrifice Hyper Bearings and spacers

The new UFO Wheels from Sacrifice are one of the lightest wheels on the market. Sacrifice are are using a world 1st technology with their high wall rebound urethane giving them the highest rebound of any wheel on the market and the higher the rebound the faster the wheel.

The hollow core technology has been around a while now, we feel the improvements Sacrifice have made will make them the market leader in hollowtech technology. The added strength of 2 side walls gives us what we now know this wheel as the UFO. The UFO are light and will give you the same ride as being on a spaceship fast and smooth.

Professionally fitted with Roller Coaster Abec 11 Bearings the new UFO wheels give you high quality and value for money!

· The UFO wheels have been tested by all our Pro riders from all over the world. The feedback from them is that these wheels are the best and fastest wheels they have ridden.

· Sacrifice spent a lot of time on the UFO testing and getting the new design perfect for release in 2016.

Sacrifice UFO Wheel Black & Gold

UFO wheel white and blue

Sacrifice UFO Wheel 110mm Red Jamaica

Sacrifice UFO Hollowtech wheel Neochrome
Sacrifice UFO 110mm Graffiti wheel
Sacrifice UFO 110mm wheel wood grain