XDS E-Spresso S2 Mid Drive E Bike
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XDS E-Spresso S2 Mid Drive E Bike

This bikes comes fully assembled and comes with 12 months free service.

The XDS E-Spresso is an exceptional electric bicycle designed to offer a luxurious and reliable commuting experience. Here are some features of the bike that make it stand out:

Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Motor: The Bafang mid-drive electric motor is known for its power and efficiency. It provides pedal assistance of up to 25km/h, making it easier to cover longer distances without getting exhausted.

Long-Lasting Battery: The XDS E-Spresso is equipped with a 36V Li-Ion battery with Panasonic cells that can last for up to 75km on a single charge, depending on the terrain and rider weight.

Shimano Acera 8-Speed Drivetrain: The Shimano Acera 8-speed drivetrain offers a wide range of gears, making it easier to tackle different types of terrain. It also ensures smooth and reliable shifting.

Suntour Nex Suspension Fork: The Suntour Nex suspension fork provides excellent shock absorption, making the ride smoother and more comfortable, even on bumpy roads.

GearSensor: The GearSensor is an innovative feature that helps prevent gear damage by detecting gear changes and temporarily cutting off the motor power during the shifting process.

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes: The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes offer powerful and reliable stopping power, ensuring safe and confident braking in all weather conditions.

Overall, the XDS E-Spresso appears to be a high-quality electric bike that combines comfort, reliability, and performance to provide an enjoyable and effortless commuting experience.

Absorb Rough Bumps

Suntour Nex DS HLO suspension forks absorb blows from uneven surfaces, keeping yourself and your frame comfortable during every ride.

Bafang 250w Electric Motor

Go further with a Bafang 250w Electric Motor. Amplify your pedaling power to pick up speed or power through hills with ease to make your cruise or commute effortless.


MOTOR Bafang G330.250c - Max Torque 80Nm

BATTERY 36v/11Ah, 2200mAh cell

SPEED SENSOR SR SD02.01 Sensor, 1 Pulse, 5v, 500mm

DISPLAY Bafang DP C 07.Uart LCD displaywith thunb control


SHIFT SENSOR KST 3203A1004 for Bafang Mid Drive

This is the current model S2 Espresso. This is not an old model.

Here are some benefits of mid-drive e-bikes over hub-drive e-bikes:

Efficient Use of Gears: Mid-drive e-bikes can make use of the bike's gears, which can improve efficiency and make it easier to climb hills. The motor is directly connected to the bike's drivetrain, which means that it can benefit from the gear ratios that the bike has. This allows the motor to operate more efficiently at different speeds and inclines.

Improved Handling: Mid-drive e-bikes are generally lighter and more balanced than hub-drive e-bikes. The motor is located in the center of the bike, which means the weight is distributed evenly. This makes mid-drive e-bikes easier to handle, especially in tight spaces or when riding at slow speeds.

Greater Torque: Mid-drive e-bikes have more torque, which means they can tackle steep hills and rough terrain with ease. They also provide a more natural riding experience because the motor is directly connected to the pedals.

Longer Battery Life: Mid-drive e-bikes use the motor more efficiently, which means they can go further on a single charge than hub-drive e-bikes. This is particularly beneficial for people who need to commute long distances or use their e-bikes for extended periods of time.