Ride 858 Zeus Deck
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The Ride 858 Zeus Deck Standard Size & Extra Large

Its been a long time coming but the 858 Zeus (the Father of the gods) deck is finally here. The finish of this deck and the quality really stands above other decks in its price range.

It comes complete with all the features you've been waiting for. Like square rear dropouts that are fully enclosed and a one key release rear wheel. Also a built in blunt plate at the front. The one piece head tube and neck gives superior strength to other 2 piece designs and of course it comes with the awesome Ride 858 12 month warranty.

Comes in 2 sizes, Standard and Extra Large.

Large Size is 20.8″, by 5″ wide and has a foot space of 14.57″. and 50.50 grooves

Extra Large is 21.5″, by 5″ wide and has a foot space of 14.57″. and 50.50 grooves