Globber Kleefer K180 Adult Folding Scooter
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Globber Kleefer My Too One K180 Adult Folding Scooter 

The ultimate adult folding scooter.The Kleefer folding mechanism allows for simple piston assisted folding with a simple kick.The Kleefer folding mechanism is widely regarded as the best folding system on the market. Unlike other folding systems that always have a little bit of movement in the folding mechanism which makes it feel like something is loose on the scooter, the Kleefer system is rock solid with no free play whatsoever.

- Revolutionary Kleefer Folding System
- Easy Parking Storage
- Ergonomic Handlebar
- Fixed Handlebar- Rear Brake
- 100kg Load Rating
- 180mm Wheels
- Bar Height: 100cm from ground to the top of the bar.

Globber Kleefer k180 Adult Scooter Green
Globber Kleefer K180 Folding Adult Scooter